We believe in the

(enumerative but not exhaustive):

  • Right to be protected from racial discrimination, hatred and violence. International human rights law requires states to carry out a variety of measures to prevent racial discrimination by public institutions, organisations and individuals. The nature of the measures required varies from treaty to treaty but can include: an obligation to review laws and policies to ensure they are not discriminatory; outlawing of propaganda espousing racial superiority; and banning of organisations promoting racial discrimination and hatred.
  • Right to equal protection before the law irrespective of racial or ethnic origin. Racial and ethnic minorities have equal rights and the law should be equally applied of various civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights to these groups. Inequalities in health care provision, housing, education and employment for racial and ethnic minorities are common areas of concern.
  • Right of racial and ethnic groups to enjoy their own culture, practice their own religion and use their own language. This right appears in a several international human rights treaties and is an acknowledgement that racial and ethnic groups are free to act in accordance with their cultural heritage. There can sometimes be a conflict between the cultural, religious and linguistic practices and values of the state and the practices of minority groups.
  • Right to benefit from positive steps taken by the state to promote racial harmony and the rights of racial minorities.
    Governments are obliged to take special measures to ensure the adequate development and protection of racial groups. This includes affirmative action programmes. States are also required to promote racial understanding through the education system.
  • Right to seek asylum for reasons of a well-founded fear of persecution on the grounds of race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group.