Drop-in Clinic:

Thursdays 10am – 12.00

  • General information about Sligo in particular and about Ireland in general
  • Integration issues
  • Access to different public services
  • Information on rights and entitlements
  • Support individuals with different issues related to education, housing, social welfare, racism and others…
  • Provide support and referral to victims and witnesses of racist incidents

We are also involved in:

  • Organising cultural events
  • Recorcing and supporting those who experience or witness racism
  • Cultural awareness training
  • Facilitating cultural exchange between minority ethnic groups and with majority culture
  • Training members of ethnic and cultural minority in civic issues to boost their civic engagement

Campaign and Education

  • We aim to be avoice for  minorities living in Sligo. We believe that we know better than anyone our own issues and we are the most qualified to suggest solutions to solve them
  • Together we are a force to trigger changes: diversity and cultural respect is a right, not a favour
  • Representation should always require a mandate in order to avoid tokenism.